Sunday, 1 September 2013

Haven't written much because nothing has been happening in my life!
I start college on Thursday and I'm actually quite excited! I'm bad at meeting new people and it's really annoying. Some people say they have social anxiety or social problems when they are just trying to be cute and quirky but honestly, I think that I have a problem.
It's hard to make conversation at times and I always get nervous before social events. I get more nervous for them than when I take exams and do stuff that normal people get nervous about.
I get nervous and anxious around new people and I'm worried that I'll be an outcast in college but I'm gonna try my hardest to fit in and start conversation and not worry. I'll let you know how it goes.
Do you ever feel like you are just sitting there and everything is going on around you but you're not actually there. It's like you're watching life just passing in front of you...that's how I've been feeling recently.
The only thing that takes me away is probably studying and learning new stuff.

Ok, I should go as I have homework to do (I haven't even started college yet and work has started already)



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